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Cute Tak Aku Bila Pakai Lens..??
19 July 2011 | written by : Nasrull | 0 Cupcake[s]

masa yg dinantikan..dram ready..!!!
lady and gentlemen..teettttttt..
ini dia admins SWEETY'S DAIRY yg akan memperagakan contact lens dari jenis SugarCandy Grey - dolly eyes..

sorry la..gmbar tak beberapa jelas..
lau mau jelas click gmbr ea..
aku rse chumill kot..heix33..
prsaan nyer..wawa22
okey la..aku mau pegi msuk tdorrr...-_-zZ
da ngtok..k bye..
ckp kt my blog..sy syunk die..muahx77

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